Know how to become an IVY league student

Know how to become an IVY league student

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 Below are a few things that matter!
  1. Your grades should be good. All As aren’t necessary (although be as close as you can) as long as you take the hardest coursework offered at your school.
  2. Test scores are important, but not a guarantee of rejection or acceptance. Averages for ACT for the best schools are often around 33, three points away from a perfect or 1400 on SATs.
  3. Don’t forget to take subject tests. And take them in subjects you feel comfortable in —and if you’re going to apply to engineering programs (like UPenn Engineering), do well on Math II, Chemistry, Physics, etc…APs also help a lot to show your strengths and gain credits or higher course placements.
  4. Do a sport if you can. Why not? This can show leadership, time management—and Ivy leagues want a diverse and fit student body, of course.
  5. Be exceptional in something. It may be big (i.e. National Science Fair Winner) or “small” (club founder, church leader, organist, passionate volunteer). Whatever you do, do what you love, and do it well.
  6. Write, write, write! Don’t forget that college essays are an integral part of the process. Practice writing, and read to improve your skills, too.
  7. Participate in some summer programs and/or internships or jobs. Working is not looked down upon. Do whatever you can afford, and do what makes you happy and relatable to the field you’d like to study at an Ivy League.
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