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Seminars are conducted to provide information on various aspects of the admissions process, test preparation, potential careers, job placements and life in general in respective countries. These seminars can be for Undergraduate, Summer and Post-Graduate programs collectively or individually.

Mr. Dhaval Mehta, a Pearson Certified Counselor, tries to bring a panel of experienced alumni and mentors that will provide a holistic unbiased view. He has mentored hundreds of students to identify and implement personal and professional goals, enabling them to take a holistic academic decision with a high return on effort financially and emotionally.

Mr. Dhaval has a bachelor’s degree (Honors) from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in Computer Science and Economics and over 12 years of work experience across Investment Banking, Financial Management, Budgeting, Education Management with Fortune 500 companies. He is an active Alumni of the UMich Network and a passionate Educationist.

Register with us and reserve your space to know more on how to build your roadmap to success in the US, UK, and Canada. RSVP Tanmay at or +91-7666712345 | +91-8425851341. Mention which date and seminar you are interested in. Fees: Rs. 200/person per seminar (Accompanying Parents will be charged Rs. 100 per parent). Time: 2.30 – 4.30 pm. All Seminars are on a Saturday.

Please fill in the below details to Register! This information will remain with us for purpose of registration and to solicit business inquiry.  Every effort will be made not to share it with any third party.

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