Our students have been admitted to Top 100+ Universities across the world including

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TCC Application Week

March 11-16,2019

All sessions with be a maximum of 45 mins – cost is Rs 4999*!

Welcome to the New Academic Year at TNI Career Counselling (TCC). This is the time when students have plenty of questions on the Admissions Cycle, University Programs and Test Preparations. While, It is easy to get overwhelmed with the information explosion, a friendly mentor like TCC sifts through all the clutter and brings to you the most accurate and helpful information. From the latest development on the admissions process, standardized tests and profile building to visa and immigrations policies of educational destinations from around the globe, TCC has covered it all for you!

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Nikoonj Dhandharia

B.E, Lehigh University

M.E, Stanford University

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Divya Srinivasan

B.Com, HR College

MMS, Duke University

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Vaibhav Gokhale

B.Sc., IHM Goa

M.S.,University of Bristol

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Kaustubh Gupta

B.E, IIT-Mumbai

MBA, Cornell University

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Saima Sikka

ISC, Bombay Scottish School

BBA, NYU Stern School

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Shivang Raisurana

IB, Catherdral & John Cannon

Summer School, UPENN Math Academy

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Swaha Bhattacharya

ISC, Bombay Scottish School

Accepted to  2 School in US, $100,000 Scholarship

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Arnav Agarwal

IGCSE, Pathways School

Secondary Summer Program, Harvard University

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