College Applications Guidance

We assist with College Applications Guidance for Summer, Undergraduate & Masters Programs in US/Canada.

From over 4,000 colleges to apply to in U.S.A. and Canada, students are spoilt for choice. However, the top 25 colleges in each subject area/major are highly competitive and for good reason. As between 20,000 – 70,000 students apply to each of them annually from more than 150 countries worldwide. You have anywhere between a 5% – 25% acceptance rates for top 25 colleges. The IVY leagues (consists of 8 Universities) has an acceptance rate of 5% -12%. You need to do everything right from 8th grade onwards to set a consistent performance record. Master’s students, on the other hand, need a good balance of grades, extra-curricular, community service and work experience.

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School List Selection A lot of time is dedicated to this time on this step. Through a series of interviews, we help to determine the perfect school list based on resume, personality fit, and ambition. We also take into account more objective measures like future ROI. From here, we can also determine the best overall application strategy and whether you should apply EA, ED, or REA.
Branding Discussion A successful application consists of a cohesive story that streamlines accurately with the student’s current profile and future aspirations. Through a deeply introspective process, we help to discover the best “admissions narrative” and a fool-proof strategy on how to present your unique story through essays, recs, and interviews.
Applications Guidance & Management The Common App procedure can be overwhelming. Our Mentors help you avoid the common mistakes of filling out the infamous application. Plus, it’s likely that some schools on your list won’t accept the Common App, so your consultant will be there every step of the way to make sure you’re completing your applications well in advance of the deadline.
Essay Assistance Your admissions advisor is also a trained essay specialist. Students often lack the experience of writing the type of essays that admissions officers are look for — because school teach students write academic analyses and history papers rather than introspective personal statements. Your essay specialist will first help you brainstorm the perfect essay idea, guide you through the drafting and revision process, and make sure that the essay is free of any errors.
Interview Prep Having coached hundreds of students through the interview process, we provide you with thorough preparation, including a complete list of potential questions and practice mock interviews.
Q & A We know that your admissions situation is always a little tricky, and you’ll inevitably have tons of questions about the process. Your personal consultant is trained to ensure that you’ll never be unsure about any aspect of the process.