Any Leader can have great ideas, but it takes courage to express ideas and inspire others to implement them. That is Thought Leadership.

TNI Career Counselling has maintained its position as a thought leader since inception. As an effective medium to engage with various components of the education ecosystem, our team constantly endeavours to facilitate hi-quality interaction through events and panel discussions.

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Parent’s experience on College Applications with TCC

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Media & Marketing

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AI Talk with TCC

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TCC at Northwestern University

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TCC at Columbia University

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TCC at the University of Chicago

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TCC at UC Berkley

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Career Planning & IVY League Comparable Higher Education Options in India

The objective of facilitating this event was to bring the student community and Indian Universities face to face to voice their respective concerns and seek solutions for some of them. The panel discussion, lead by Dhaval Mehta, the founder of TNI Career Counselling ensured the easy exchange of unbiased information between the two entities. The interesting twist was the inclusion of discussions around extracurriculars and community work that contribute greatly to a young candidate’s profile while applying to universities and higher education institutions in India or Abroad.

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TCC at Shiv Nadar University

Team TCC was in the midst of the student body at the prestigious Shiv Nadar University for an interactive session. This session was conducted with support from the Career Development Cell at the campus.

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