How Coronavirus Has Changed 2020 MBA Admissions?

April 1, 2020

Stanford Graduate School of Business

No deadline or procedural changes at the moment.

Statement from GSB spokesperson:

“Our Round 3 deadline remains 08 April 2020 at 2:00pm Pacific Time. We understand the challenges that some applicants face in submitting an application on time. We also need to make sure we are able to meet the needs of all applicants as Round 3 includes defer-eligible applicants and applicants who wish to enroll directly in September 2020. We are keeping the deadline to ensure applicants who are applying for direct admission this fall have enough time to complete all of their pre-matriculation requirements and next steps related to housing, financial aid, etc. We will allow all applicants to submit required exam scores after the Round 3 deadline.”

Chicago Booth School of Business

Extended Round 3 application deadline to May 31. After the original deadline of April 2, Chicago Booth will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until May 31. GMAT and GRE test scores may be submitted until July 1. More information on here.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School has extended its application deadline for the 2+2 program by two months to June 1. The school will also maintain a larger waitlist than normal, expecting a smaller amount of international admits actually being able to make it to campus this fall.

The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

Round 3 applicants may submit applications without a standardized test score if their test was canceled. Round 3 deadline will be extended from April 1 to April 15. Advance Access is moved to May 27, also from April 1. More details from Wharton here.

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

March 31 update: Kellogg will now have a rolling admissions cycle for its full-time MBA program after the Round 3 deadline of April 8 to June 1, according to a blog post by Renee Cherubin, the senior director of admissions at Kellogg.

From Cherubin: “The current deadline for Round 3 applications to our Full-Time MBA Programs will still stand on April 8. If you can meet that deadline, you’ll be among the first we review for admission and scholarship decisions, which will be released on May 13.

However, after the April 8 deadline, we are moving to rolling admissions for Round 3 through June 1. Due to the current pandemic, some of you have encountered barriers to meeting the original deadline. We’re also aware that many of your personal and professional situations may have changed, making business school a priority for next year.”

Kellogg will also accept GMAT and GRE scores from the virtual testing.

Applicants can submit application materials without standardized test scores, but the test scores will eventually be needed for admission this year. The Kellogg Future Leaders deadline will be pushed back two months from April 2 to June 3. The new decision date will also be pushed back two months to July 29. GMAT and GRE scores are optional for current Northwestern students that already qualify for Kellogg Future Leaders. More updates from Kate Smith, assistant dean of admissions and financial aid here.

MIT Sloan School of Management

No deadline or procedural changes to 2020 admissions planned at this moment.

Statement from Dawna Levenson, assistant dean, office of admissions at Sloan:

“At this time MIT Sloan does not have plans to change the R3 application deadline. We have delayed the application deadline for MBA Early Admission to June 2.”

Columbia Business School

Application deadline submitted to June 1. Allowing delay in test scores but will not make a decision until the test scores are submitted. More candidates are expected to be admitted “toward the end” of the application cycle in anticipation of many already admitted students unable to make it.

Statement from Columbia Business School spokesperson:

“The coronavirus is certainly impacting all industries. As it relates to MBA admissions, we proactively made adjustments in order to make applicant-friendly modifications. As you noted, we did extend our application deadline to June 1, 2020 from our normal April deadline. In addition, we are allowing the submission of applications without standardized test scores – GMAT, GRE and Executive Assessment – to accommodate test takers who have been affected by the worldwide suspension of testing. We will begin the review process for otherwise completed applications once they are submitted, however, we will not be able to render a final decision until a standardized test score is provided.We plan to admit more candidates toward the end of this application cycle in anticipation that some of our admitted students may struggle, for a variety of reasons, to start in August 2020. Our office remains open, albeit operating from a remote environment, and we’re happy to talk by phone about submitting an application, or about the School.”

University of California-Berkeley Haas School of Business

UC-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business has added a round 4 admissions deadline of May 4th with decisions on June 4. Those without a test score yet are encouraged to apply in the late round and to take advantage the ‘GRE at Home’ and forthcoming GMAT online options.

Dartmouth Tuck School of Business

Conducting a “one-time Round 4” cycle for Round 3 applicants that need additional time.

Statement from the school:

“To accommodate all applicants, Tuck will maintain our Round 3 deadline of March 30, and we will also allow applications on a rolling basis thereafter in a one-time Round 4 for those who need additional time.You can submit a Round 4 application on a rolling basis from April 1 to June 1. We’ll return decisions on a rolling basis — as soon as possible, and typically within several weeks — from May 11 to July 1.”

Yale School of Management

Yale will extend the Round 3 test score submission deadline to April 24. The school will also add a Round 3 Extended deadline of May 27. Read more in an announcement from Bruce DelMonico here.

Statement from Bruce DelMonico, director of MBA admissions at Yale:

“We plan to keep our existing Round 3 deadline of April 14, for which we’ve already extended the test score submission deadline to April 24 to give candidates more time to take and submit their GMAT or GRE. In addition, we will be adding a Round 3 Extended deadline of May 27 for those candidates who are unable to submit their application by the standard Round 3 deadline, or whose applications are not complete by that deadline. We will notify Round 3 Extended applicants of their admission decision by late June.

We’ve added the Round 3 Extended deadline in an effort to be flexible and sensitive to candidates who are undergoing significant disruptions and dislocations as a result of the growing global pandemic. We want to do whatever we can to give candidates who wish to apply to Yale SOM this application season every possible opportunity to do so. At the same time, we decided to keep our existing Round 3 deadline and add a second one rather than pushing back the Round 3 deadline to give applicants who are ready to apply now the chance to receive a decision as soon as possible. Especially for applicants who will need extra time to plan their transition to Yale, we wanted to provide as much time for them to do so. We feel that having both deadlines keeps as much flexibility for as many candidates as possible.”

University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Moving Round 3 deadline from April 6 to July 15. Also accepting ACT and SAT scores from undergraduate records in lieu of GMAT/GRE scores.

“These steps are compatible with Darden’s holistic admissions process and enable us to show pragmatism, flexibility and compassion for our applicants while upholding our standards of demonstrated strong academic merit,” wrote Darden’s Executive Director of Admissions Dawna Clarke in a letter to prospective students. “Applicants are encouraged to document all alternative evidence of strong academic merit. In addition to undergraduate GPA, we will take into strong consideration the following examples of academic merit: certification programs, CPA, CFA and post-baccalaureate relevant coursework, among others.”

University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Round 3 deadline remains March 30th, but an extension to May 29 has also been added.

From a blog post by Soojin Kwan, managing director of full-time MBA admissions at Ross:

“Due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on GMAT/GRE testing opportunities, we are extending our Round 3 deadline. The priority deadline will remain March 30, but we will accept applications until May 29. Applications received after the priority deadline will be evaluated on a rolling basis. International applicants are highly encouraged to apply by the priority deadline in order to ensure enough time for visas to be processed.”

Cornell University SC Johnson School of Management

The final two-year MBA deadline will remain April 8, but the new extension on submitting official standardized test scores is June 1. If the standardized test scores are not submitted by June 1, the entire application will be transferred to the 2020-2021 cycle so applicants do not have to start over.

Read more about it here.

Duke University Fuqua Business School

No known changes at this time.

New York University Stern School of Business

Stern has extended its final deadline to May 1.

Statement from the school:

“On behalf of the NYU Stern School of Business MBA Admissions Office, we hope that prospective students and their loved ones are healthy, safe and well. To accommodate applicants, NYU Stern has extended the final deadline for its Full-time Two-year MBA program to May 1. Decisions will be released for applications submitted by May 1 on an ongoing basis. Please note that Stern will also accept the scores from the online GMAT, GRE or TOEFL exams.

Our MBA Admissions team is available virtually to answer any questions, and connect you with a member of the Admissions Committee or a current student. Please reach out via email at or call at 212-998-0600. Visit Stern’s Admissions website for updates.”

Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business

Round 4 deadline is still April 9, but unofficial test scores will be accepted to May 10 for the May 21 notification date. The extended rolling admissions period that typically ends in June will be extended further into the summer. Read the full update here.