High School Students

If you are a high school student, and pondering the next step in your life, the decisions can be quite daunting. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way! The experts at TNI Career Counselling can assist you in finding your path, and then help you through the process.

College Students

We assist with College Applications for Summer, Undergraduate & Masters Programs in US/Canada/Australia/UK/Hong Kong and more!

Working Professionals

We assist working professionals by mentoring them.

Confused between Masters and MBA?

Do you know if your profile needs more internship/work experience? Do you know if you need to take any additional courses?Do you know how the program would be like? Do you know what are the career paths after post-graduation? Here at TCC we shed light into all of these questions. TCC is like a vantage point from where the students can see how the different career paths play out. With a strong network of alumni from different universities, TCC helps students make informed decisions about their career.


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“Dhaval helped me in positioning myself by enabling me to articulate my achievements, improve my communication skills and prepare me for tough interview process.”

Accepted for Masters in Engineering program at Stanford University, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkley, UC Davis, Texas Austin


Meet Our Mentors

Lets familiarise you to our family

Dhaval Mehta

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in Economics & Computer Science

Vikram Chogle

London Business School

MBA, Finance

Ruchir Shah

Northwestern University

M. S. Sports Administration