Mentors help mentees by connecting them with the right people.

Mentors should have gone through the same grind that mentees foresee in their path.

Mentors not only expand the mentees’ horizons, but also provide the necessary courage and guidance to achieve seemingly difficult life goals.



Mentoring is at the very heart of the work we do. Guiding students is our passion, it’s why we work with each and every student to understand their specific goals. From grade 7 onwards, right upto working professionals, we are able to help people in all stages of life as they pursue their ambitions.

High School Students

As a High School student, there is always a lot going on. With classes, homework, extracurriculars, and all the other aspects of a busy life, it can be hard to find time to self-reflect and think about the future. Here at TCC, we get to know you for charting the best fit of a career plan and the institutions. In addition to mentoring students in preparing for full-time academic study, we also provide a host of mentoring services for students applying to summer pre college programs.

College Students

When your time in college wraps up, and you begin to wonder what the next step will be, you may have many questions. If you are going back to school for another degree, will you remain in your current area of focus? Or will you choose a brand new field of study as a new passion? Our qualified mentors will help you wade through all the questions and make sure you end up with all the right information as you make your choices.

Working Professionals

If you’ve been in the workforce for several years, it can be daunting to consider career changes. You may be seeking new opportunities but worry that the risks outweigh the possible rewards for such decisions. Perhaps you’ve found a postgraduate degree you’d like to pursue. No matter the situation you’re in, come talk to us.


A Bachelor’s degree is the first step in every journey through higher education. While enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree course, in addition to their specific area of focus, students will gain broad exposure to liberal-arts courses in order to build a foundation of critical thinking.


After successfully completing a Bachelor’s course in their field, a Master’s degree is the next step for students looking to deepen their understanding of their chosen subject, through lectures, discussions, as well as real-life experiences.


For students seeking to pursue careers in management, a Master’s in Business Administration or MBA is the ideal way to gain the skills required to successfully manage a team.

“Dhaval helped me in positioning myself by enabling me to articulate my achievements, improve my communication skills and prepare me for tough interview process.”

Accepted for Masters in Engineering program at Stanford University, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkley, UC Davis, Texas Austin


Meet Our Mentors

Let’s familiarise you to our family.

Here are a few of our close knit network of 500 professionals with a solid profile

Dhaval Mehta

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in Economics & Computer Science

Ruchir Shah
Ruchir Shah

Northwestern University

M. S. Sports Administration

Shruti Mehrotra

NWU, Kellogg School

MBA, Finance

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