Pre College Campus Tour – Dubai to USA

Before you make a BIG Career Decision (with long term implications to career and short term implications to your finance) to study overseas in US, UK or Canada for Undergraduate (Bachelors) or Graduate Studies (MS/MBA), would you like to:

Visit some of the top college campuses?
Stay with an American family?
Talk to the students currently enrolled in that college?
Visit the city and experience the campus life?
Understand the requirements for applications and how to prepare yourself ahead of time?
Hear leading business experts about their career choices?
Visit a few offices such as FB / Bloomberg / Google?
Team building sessions and activities?

Now be part of a special cohort of students that travels to selective top US college campuses and help you make the right choices. You can learn, share your experiences, and even stay in touch. TCC will be there with you every step of the way from deciding the career, to the college, coaching for standardized tests and provide guidance on applications.

Seeing is believing! Hear it from the horses mouth.

This special opportunity will allow students to closely experience the college life through student and faculty interactions, campus tours and information sessions and activities. We will also engage students with extra-curricular that will help build their teamwork, communication and time management skills.

Please fill in the below details so we can reach you with more details.

For 2018, we will have 4 tour dates –March, May, July and October and three options to choose from. Only below standard two options will be available for the March tour. The custom tour with campus selection will be available only for May, July and October. 

  1. West Coast Pre-College Campus Tour covering
    • Colleges in SF & LA – Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Pomona College
    • SF & LA City Tour
    • Silicon Valley Offices – FB , Google, Intel
  2. East Coast Pre-College Campus Tour covering
    • Colleges in NY, Boston, Washington – Cornell, NYU, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Georgetown, George Washington
    • NY City tour
    • NY Offices – Bloomberg , Bank of America
  3. Custom Pre-College Campus Tours
    • Here you pick from the above two standard tours and can customise the campuses you wish to visit with SF and NY being the base.

If you have any questions after filling the form.
Contact: Ph:  +971 566985174, +971 567019774