This section is divided into Full-time Undergraduate, Summer School and Post-Graduate Programs.

Full Time-Undergraduate Programs

TCC has provided me a guided and well-focussed approach through meticulous planning to achieve admissions to my Dream University! Mr. Dhaval Mehta and the team at TCC helped me structure my success over 3 years with top scores in SAT, ACT, TOEFL, SAT2, consistency in academic performance, and a strict extra-curricular regimen to achieve my goal! I felt prepared at every step. – Dheer Toprani, Duke University

TCC has been the pillarstone to success in my SAT, ACT, APs and college admissions. Mr. Dhaval Mehta took keen interest and persuaded me to take difficult decisions that made the epic journey worthwhile! – Sanika Poddar, Yale University

Summer Programs

I have been very interested in Medical Studies since early childhood! TCC has been instrumental in guiding me to shortlist and apply for a great Summer Program at the University of Pennsylvania (top IVY League) for Neuroscience Summer Academy this year! I was one of the two students from India who was selected into the program. It feels great! Thank you, Mr. Dhaval Mehta. – Sana Dalal, Aditya Birla World Academy IGCSE

Practicing shooting targets were easier than applying to a Summer Program at University of Pennsylvania’s Mathematics Summer Academy! TOEFL writing section was a big stumbling block. Then the essay, recommendations, and pressure of academics coupled with community service and guitar practice. I sure have come a long way! Thanks to Mr. Dhaval Mehta who carefully planned and helped me keep a routine. His strategy, testing material, and pedagogy are truly unique and inspiring! – Shivang Raisurana, Bombay Scottish School ICSE 

I have always been undermining my abilities as a student! Thanks to Mr. Dhaval Mehta, I got over my own fears of the reading and writing section in TOEFL, SAT and ACT. All the hard work paid off when I received admission into Brown University Summer Program! Now I look forward to attending a 3 week Program in Genetics. – Saumya Agrawal, BD Somani International School IB

Master’s Program

It was long since I applied for College again! Applying to Master’s programs can be challenging when you are working. Studying for GREs, shortlisting colleges, essays, recommendations, community work on weekends was all possible with the guidance of Dhaval. He meticulously prepared me to take right decisions, motivated me to pace myself and achieve every goal. – Chirag Bhatt, Stanford University, M.S. in Computer Science (Received admission in UC Berkeley)

TCC has been instrumental in guiding me shortlist the right colleges and programs given my interest and fit, building my resume, refining my program choices, test preparation for GRE, proofing my essays and coordinating every aspect of academic and goal setting. I choose to major in Environmental Engineering, but due to lack of focus I was undecided with next steps. Mr. Dhaval Mehta mentored me to build upon my strengths, realign my goals, specialise in my area of choice while keeping management electives that would provide me an increased skill set to manage industry challenges. It has been a truly inspiring experience that even awarded me a scholarship! – Nikoonj Dhandharia (Carnegie Mellon University, M.S. in Environmental Engineering)

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Dhaval has truly been a mentor and guide while applying for an MBA Program to a top University in the US. After graduating from IIT-Mumbai, I spent two years working with two startups, and realised I wanted to be integral part of decision making process that would help me eventually lead a larger organisation. But I did not have all the relevant skills. I could use strategy and technology skills to build, operate and transfer, may be even lead a small team. However, I needed to grow my skills and take charge of projects in an environment where experimentation with trial and error, guidance and leadership was key to gaining confidence. A program that would provide me opportunities to interact with diverse and the brightest minds in management. I’m thankful to TCC for being that guiding light through all the rigorous days of shortlisting colleges and programs, strategies for improving my GMAT score, choosing the area of focus for each, resume building, aligning my short term and long term goals, proofing essays, video interviews, and prep for off-campus interviews. Dhaval and his team members have been there every step of to make this journey engaging and eventful! Thank you. –Kaustubh Gupta, (Accepted to – Kellog School of Business, Ross School of Business)

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