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Our Category of Awards are listed below! Check yours if you fall into any category. If you cannot find any categories you can relate to, maybe it is time to reflect and strive towards a higher goal and achievement.

School of
Excellence Award

This award is given to schools that have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, innovative teaching and learning pedagogy. Comprehensive career support for higher education placements is a must.

Best Infrastructure Award

This award is given to schools with innovative infrastructure that allows for free flow o f movement, thoughts and ideas. Students and faculty alike that see an increased inclination to perform well are an indication of the supportive space around them.

Diversity & Inclusion Award

Supports diversity and inclusion of all types of students and faculty. Provides resources including counselling, therapy for differently abled students. Encourages programs that promote equality within the classroom and sees top placements of students from all backgrounds to top universities.

Innovative Leadership Award

This award is given to principals who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and innovation in their approach to school leadership.

Progressive Leader Award

This award is given to p rincipals who have shown transformation in student, faculty, and school operations, including diversity, equity, and inclusion

Higher EducationEmphasis Award

This award is given to principals who have emphasised the progression to higher education through consistent workshops, discussions for both students & faculty. Participation in external engagement, hosting fairs, and speaking at national & international events will be considered.

InnovativeTeaching Award

This award is given to teachers implementing innovative teaching practices that improve student learning outcome, creativity & adaptability. Any measurable impact on student achievement will be considered.

Making a Difference Award

The Making a Difference Award honours the outstanding accomplishments of teachers, coordinators, and counselors alike that are making a positive impact within the school and student community.

Excellence inInstructional Leadership

This award is given for creating a supportive learning system with strong instructional leadership for students and teachers alike. A caring environment, high expectations for social behavior, and systems that make students feel secure establish a safe and orderly learning environment.

All Rounder of the Year Award

This award is given to the student who demonstrates exceptional performance in academics, leadership, co-curricular & extra curricular activities and community service.

Academic Excellence Award

This award is given to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance in their coursework, including taking up olympiads and other external competitions for their area of interest or leading a team and winning accolades for the school.

The Community Philanthropists Award

Regardless of their academic performance, this award is presented to students that have shown student leadership and community engagement. Philanthropy & empathy are a must.
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ABOUT Criteria & Process

Experience the grandeur of our 3 award categories, tailored for each of the 4 stakeholders. With Platinum, Gold, and Silver distinctions, a total of 36 prestigious awards will be granted across prominent cities across India.

Nominations will be received from schools that boast a progressive career cell for higher education.

Each category boasts specific criteria, empowering our esteemed jury to decide through a majority vote. Get ready for a dazzling awards ceremony and certificates endorsed by universities and corporates.


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Involves more than 500 prestigious CBSE, ICSE, and Cambridge IGCSE schools across the country.

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50+ leaders from 15 cities of India: Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi, Gurugram Chennai, Pune, Ahemdabad, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Lucknow, Kolkata, Surat, Indore, Nagpur.

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  4. Gain valuable insights on best practices and traits in leadership to ensure better outcomes.

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