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TCC has been staunchly student-centric since inception. Our endeavor is to be able to solve the queries that students have in mind. In this knowledge era, amongst the plethora of information that students receive, it leads to more confusion and misinformation. More dangerous than misinformation is the building of myths that push the dreams of our youth further away. Students begin to believe these myths and feed themselves that a quality international education is beyond their reach.
Team TCC was in the midst of the student body at the prestigious Shiv Nadar University for an interactive session. This session was conducted with support from the Career Development Cell at the campus.
Captured below are some of the questions that were asked by the students and our responses to the same. Please note that these responses are specific to the students and we have refrained from making any hearsay statements and provided links to official sources wherever required.
Should I already narrow down my field in masters or should I get a broader base of the subject in Masters as well and then narrow down in my PhD?
Depends if you have a particular interest in an area then you can specialise. Also requirements of programs differ by university.
Should I apply for a Masters, MRes, MPhil or PhD at this point?
It depends on your interest in academia vs industry – what is the end result you want ? And if you can get to it from the least amount of effort then go for the degree accordingly. Each one provides ample opportunity to grow.
Is it possible that I am less likely to be taken for a job in my field if I have a PhD in it because it becomes a more academic base?
That is not true. You can take up an industry project while pursuing your PhD, even an internship or a coop so you stay connected with the industry.
What kind of placements do the foreign universities have for bachelors, masters and PhD students?
Career office success depends from major to major and college to college. Top colleges have a career fairs, placement office with good resources, and alumni base that will help you to find a job.
Is it difficult for Indian students to get placed in the US?
US has seen some problems with the immigration and naturalization services being strict with adherence to policies for student and H1-visa holders. So grace periods are smaller. Optional Practical Training (OPT) that allows a student to work on an F-1 visa is typically 1 year across bachelors and masters. However STEM students get an extension of 19 months if they apply in time. This allows them more time to apply to H1B lottery incase they do not get it the first time. Recently it has become a bit difficult for technology students particularly to get rejected for an H1B visa. But that doesn't mean companies are not interested – they are sometimes tied due to immigration laws. There is always a way around it.
How are placements for a Masters in Business Analytics in the US, France and UK?
Business Analytics is a sought after program overall in all countries. Most programs fall under STEM. France prefers french speaking applicants. UK is going through Brexit. But top schools like London Business School, Imperial, Kings College, Cambridge and Oxford do have good career services support. A lot depends on you – are you ready to network all the time, research about companies, send resumes with covering letters, mock interviews, and keep up with your academics.
I am studying CSE and I have been taking courses in Literature which I am finding interesting. How would you suggest I become clearer about what I want to do ahead on these lines?
Continue reading different genres, take critical reading, writing and analysis courses, creative writing classes, participate in literary fest, write for the college newspaper/magazine, take up an internship in summer – see where you are leaning more. If you can juggle two majors do it. Else keep one as a minor.
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