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In summer, colleges and universities offer high school students a chance to experience campus life firsthand, including attending classes and participating in activities. It is designed to give students a taste of higher education and help them explore academic interests, gain valuable skills, and prepare for the transition to college.

What is
Pre-College Summer School?

An educational opportunity for high school students is offered by colleges and universities in the summer months, allowing the students to experience college life by attending classes, participating in campus activities, and having an experience of campus life.

Provides academic credit that can be transferred to the student's future college studies.

Designed to give students a taste of higher education and help them explore academic interests, gain valuable skills, and prepare for the transition to college.

Why Pre-College Summer School?

⦿ Explore potential college majors or career paths.
⦿ Experience a college-like environment and academic rigor.
⦿ Build independence and self-confidence.
⦿ Develop relationships with professors, mentors, and peers.
⦿ Enhance college applications with demonstrated interest and experience.

Best Time to Start Summer School?

Summer School programs take place during the summer break, typically occurring between April and August. Although most programs are scheduled after April and before mid-August, specific dates may vary depending on the school. Therefore, it's essential to verify the schedule with the respective school.

How Long is the Pre-College Summer School?

Universities and Colleges provide options for seven-week, four-week, or three-week courses, which cover the same curriculum as a semester-long course but in a condensed format. Typically the 1-4 weeks format is not for credit and covers coursework you can select based on interest areas. Longer than 4 weeks which could be 6-7 weeks, are for more rigorous credit programs.

The schedules for each session can vary widely, so it's wise to plan ahead by reviewing the course catalog. Consider which country you want to opt for, depending on the exploration.

How do you choose a Country and Program?

Choosing a country and program for your summer school experience involves several considerations:
Interest and Goals
Determine your academic or personal interests and goals for the summer. If choosing a abroad summer school, then are you planning to pursue your undergraduate studies there?
Accreditation and Reputation 
Look for programs offered by reputable institutions or organizations. Check if the program is accredited and read reviews or testimonials from past participants if available.
Program Duration and Dates
Check the duration and dates of the summer programs. Ensure they fit with your schedule and any other commitments you may have.
Cost and Financial Aid
Another crucial aspect to consider is the cost of the program, including tuition, accommodation, meals, and travel expenses. Explore options for scholarships, grants, or financial aid if needed.
Program Content
Research the programs available in your chosen country or countries. Look for programs that align with your interests and offer the academic or extracurricular activities you're seeking. Explore the courses being offered, and learn more about a particular subject area or career field.
Research the reputation of the summer program and its level of competitiveness. If you feel you meet the program's criteria and are prepared to meet its challenges, it may be a good fit for you. Being part of a knowledgeable and robust team ensures mutual benefit and growth for all members.

Country wise Pre-College Summer Schools

Interest area wise Pre-College Summer Schools

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Pre- College Program:

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Arnav A

Harvard University
Arnav Agarwal went through the Secondary School Program at Harvard University in the summer of 2019. It was a 7 weeks programme. It gave him a glimpse of the college education culture in the U.S.A. It was a liberal arts
programme where different types of disciplines such as humanities, philosophy & economics were offered. Arnav primarily took an interest in economics, but he also got to learn about courses he wasn't previously aware of. It inspired his decision to study abroad for his college education.
I recommend their services and personalised approach.”

Avya M

Cornell University
Avya Malhotra's experience of the Summer Session at Cornell University completely changed his perspective on college education. The programme was only for a month. For him, more than the courses, the people he met
during the programme had a huge impact on him. They inspired him to pursue his goals with determinations
and hardwork. According to Avya, summer school was not only important for his holistic development, but it also helped him build & maintain connections.
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