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TNI Career Counseling stands out from others in offering career guidance services due to several distinguishing factors:
  • Mentors should have gone through the same grind that mentees foresee in their path.
  • Mentors not only expand the mentees’ horizons, but also provide the necessary courage and guidance to achieve seemingly difficult life goals.
  • Mentors help mentees by connecting them with the right people.
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1-1 Career counselling & Customized University Selection Strategy

At TCC, our dedicated strategists work closely with you to curate a tailored university application list.
We consider your :
• Current academic performance and test scores
• Preferred field of study
• Extracurricular interests
• Location preferences
• Competitive admission prospects

We encourage you to aim high, ensuring your application reflects your unique strengths and ambitions.
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Career counseling is crucial in today's world for several reasons:

Complexity of Career Choices

Today, there are numerous career paths available, spanning traditional fields, emerging industries, and unconventional roles. Career counseling helps individuals navigate this complexity by providing insights into various career options, matching skills and interests with suitable professions.

Changing Job Market

The job market is dynamic, influenced by technological advancements, economic shifts, and global trends. Career counselors stay updated on these changes, offering advice on in-demand skills, market trends, and job opportunities.

Personalized Guidance

Each individual has unique skills, interests, values, and aspirations. Career counseling provides personalized guidance tailored to these factors, helping individuals make informed decisions aligned with their strengths and goals.

Skill Development

Counselors identify gaps in skills and competencies and suggest ways to develop them. They may recommend courses, workshops, or certifications to enhance employability in desired fields.

Career Transitions

Many individuals today experience multiple career transitions throughout their lives. Career counseling assists in managing these transitions effectively, whether it's changing industries, re-entering the workforce, or starting a new venture.

Job Satisfaction and Well-being

A fulfilling career contributes significantly to overall well-being. Career counseling encourages individuals to consider factors beyond financial gain, such as job satisfaction, work-life balance, and personal fulfillment.

Educational Choices

For students and recent graduates, career counseling aids in choosing the right educational path based on career goals and market demand. It helps them plan their academic journey effectively to achieve long-term career success.

Networking and Job Search Strategies

Counselors provide guidance on effective networking, job search strategies, resume writing, and interview preparation. These skills are crucial for securing employment in competitive job markets.

Adapting to Change

The workforce is increasingly influenced by automation, AI, and remote work trends. Career counseling helps individuals adapt to these changes, preparing them for the future world of work.

Long-term Career Planning

Beyond immediate job needs, career counseling fosters long-term career planning. It encourages individuals to set achievable career goals, develop a career roadmap, and continuously assess and adjust their career paths as needed.
In summary, career counseling is important today because it empowers individuals to make informed career decisions, navigate complex job markets, develop necessary skills, and achieve long-term career satisfaction and success.

How does TCC differentiate itself from others?

TNI Career Counseling stands out from others in offering career guidance services due to several distinguishing factors:

Holistic Approach

TNI Career Counseling takes a holistic approach to career guidance, considering not only skills and interests but also personal values, motivations, and aspirations. This comprehensive view helps individuals align their career choices with their overall life goals and happiness.

Expertise in Career Transitions

TNI specializes in guiding individuals through career transitions, whether from one industry to another, re-entering the workforce after a break, or shifting to a new role or level. Their counselors are adept at understanding the challenges and opportunities associated with such transitions.

Personalized Counseling Plans

TNI Career Counseling provides highly personalized counseling plans tailored to each individual’s unique needs and circumstances. This includes detailed assessments, one-on-one consultations, and customized action plans that address specific career goals and development areas.

Emphasis on Future Trends

TNI stays ahead of future trends in the job market and career landscape. They equip clients with insights into emerging industries, in-demand skills, and technological advancements that may impact career choices in the long term.

Integration of Technology

TNI utilizes technology effectively in career counseling. This may include online assessments, virtual counseling sessions, and digital tools for skill development and job search strategies, enhancing accessibility and effectiveness.

Collaboration with Industry Experts

They collaborate closely with industry experts and professionals to provide up-to-date information and practical insights into various career fields. This ensures that clients receive relevant and realistic advice aligned with current industry practices.

Focus on Personal Growth

Beyond career guidance, TNI Career Counseling emphasizes personal growth and development. They help clients identify and leverage their strengths, overcome obstacles, and build resilience in pursuing their career objectives.

Long-term Relationship Building

TNI fosters long-term relationships with clients, offering ongoing support and guidance throughout their career journeys. This continuity ensures that individuals can adapt to changing circumstances and continue to achieve their career goals over time.
Overall, TNI Career Counseling distinguishes itself through its holistic, personalized approach, expertise in career transitions, emphasis on future trends, integration of technology, collaboration with industry experts, focus on personal growth, and commitment to long-term relationship building with clients. These factors collectively contribute to their effectiveness in providing comprehensive and impactful career guidance services.
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Meet Our Mentors

Let's familiarise you to our family. Here are a few of our close knit network of 500 professionals with a solid profile
  • Mr. Chip C

    Columbia Business School
    MBA, Finance & Marketing

    Mr. Ruchir S

    Northwestern University
    M.S., Sports Administration
    Vice President of Analytics & BI at 4FRONT

  • Ms. Shruti M

    NWU, Kellogg School
    MBA, Finance
    Founder at Mihuru, Investor, Entrepreneur

    Mr. Vikram C

    London Business School
    MBA, Finance
    Principal at Warburg Pincus

  • Mr. Advait S

    UMich, M.U.D & Harvard University, MDes
    Architect, Urban Designer and Real Estate Professional

    Mr. Robin C

    University of Michigan, B. Arch, M. Arch.
    CEO & Founder - Dextrus

  • Mr. Abhinav K

    University of Illinois, Chicago
    Ph.D. Computer Science
    NLP, ML, Deep Learning

    Ms. Prerna W

    Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

  • Mr. Aditya M

    Alliance Manchester Business School
    Analytics Professional

    Ms. Saloni S

    Rotman School of Management,
    Uni of Toronto, MBA
    Financial Markets

  • Mr. Aditya M

    UoM, Ross School of Business
    MBA, Finance and Strategy

    Ms. Ami Badani

    UofC, Booth School of Business MBA, Finance & Marketing
    VP Marketing, NVIDIA

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