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Assessing Career Needs
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Entrance Test Guidance
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Assessing Career

Empowering Global High Schools for Dream University Achievements !
Research into our thoughtfully curated assessments and aptitude tests, delivering in-depth SWOT analyses to guide students in uncovering their ideal career paths. We employ a diverse range of assessment tools to identify the career that aligns best with their strengths, interests, and personality.

Each evaluation involves a comprehensive approach, combining academic, intelligence, and aptitude testing. These results are then integrated with interest assessments, personality tests, and work samples to provide a comprehensive understanding of each student's unique abilities and aspirations


We specialize in crafting a personalized career stratergy for each individual. We take an integral comprehensive approach, preparing, implementing and closely monitoring the career paths of each individual student from start to finish, guiding them every step of the way.
With our distinctive method your education or career selection journey progress speeds up and makes the path to success much easier.


We offer comprehensive teacher training services that promote open-mindedness and enhance support for students throughout their educational journey. Our programs empower educators to engage in meaningful conversations and better understand students' needs, ultimately helping them plan their academic year and increase their effectiveness.

Our teacher development programs are designed to align with the evolving needs of both teachers and students. We establish a clear connection between the curriculum, students' learning rights, the needs of their families, and teacher training, ensuring a well-rounded approach.

Our teacher training encompasses both pre-service and in-service training. Pre-service training prepares teachers before they enter the classroom, while in-service training provides ongoing professional development opportunities to enhance their teaching skills and adapt to changing circumstances effectively


As part of our services, we recognize the significance of comprehending entrance test requirements, encompassing various aspects such as exam formats, validity periods, and the relevance of these tests for both schools and students.

To support this understanding, we offer knowledge sessions aimed at equipping schools and students with in-depth insights into entrance test intricacies. These sessions are conducted by experts in the field, ensuring that participants receive accurate and up-to-date information.

In addition to knowledge sessions, we provide the option of specialized training where necessary. This training is tailored to address specific needs and challenges that schools or students may encounter in relation to entrance tests.


We specialize in enhancing co-curricular programs in schools by identifying activities that benefit students through assessments. Our services encompass:
We help schools find suitable co-curricular programs or experts, fostering engaging learning environments through tailored activity clubs, including virtual and physical workshops and other events
Olympiad, research and internship Excellence: 
We encourage students to excel in subjects and boost their profiles through Olympiad competitions, research and internships. We also assist schools in creating scholarship funds to support student training.
University Connections: 
We facilitate opportunities for students to connect with university admission and marketing officers, prioritizing visits from the right colleges for informed higher education decisions.

Case Study


BVRTSE is a leading Cambridge Pathway school till the 12th Grade in Pune, established under the aegis of Bharati Vidyapeeth. The TCC team is working with the Principal & Management to assess Career Counselling needs and build a Career Resource Center & Process as a custom solution, resulting in an effective roadmap for curriculum/co-curricular planning, teacher training, subject selection, and more.
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Our Services
Case Study
Our Plans

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For your Optimal Career Resources & Enrollment Needs/ Career Strategy & Resource Management for Institutions Technology Aided and Human Lead Solution

  • Assess Optimal Career Needs

    Our carefully curated assessments and aptitude tests, provide a deep SWOT analysis for students to understand their career options & schools to assess what they need to prepare for

  • Planning & Execution

    After understanding requirements, we help the school plan subject offering, co-curricular and other career strategies with a step-by-step layout of the right plan of action for students to reach their full potential.

  • Enhanced Teacher Training

    Teachers are trained to be open-minded through this exploration journey for students and how they can be more supportive through conversations and understanding of requirements. We help them plan the year and boost their output

  • Entrance Test Guidance

    Understanding entrance test requirements including exam formats, validity and applicability is important for schools and students. We will provide knowledge sessions and extend the option of training where required by experts.

  • Application Support System with Dashboard

    Our interactive dashboard and human-led application support acts as a constant backbone for students/counsellors in shortlisting, accessing robust research, information sessions, and requirements and guides them along every step of their application process. Students can choose to access advanced features with the extra mile service.

  • Partnering Co-Curricular Programs

    After knowing activities that will benefit your students from our assessments we will help the school in finding a partnering program/expert or help teachers start activity clubs that are more suitable for that class. This includes Community service programs that will support virtual and physical workshops.

  • Scholarship Fund, Olympiads & University Fairs

    To stay competitive and show strength in subjects, Olympiads encourage students to compete and train well. These also amplify the profile of a student. To encourage them, TCC can help schools start a scholarship fund that helps train them. University fairs allow students to engage with admission/marketing officers, and encouraging the right colleges to visit should be a priority.

  • Mentor Access across 50+ Career Areas

    Mentor access is the premium feature which allows schools access to mentor sessions on a quarterly basis for their students focusing on selected career areas. Counsellors might not have all the answers. Building a strategy to position the students early on is key. With 200+ mentors across 50+ fields all across the globe, we have created an unparalleled growing international network.

institutional Testimonial

  • Rashmi Gupta

    CP Goenka International School, Pune
    "It was a pleasure to host TCC Team at our school for parents and students to understand their higher education options. They have a knowledgeable team that works to provide best options. "
    cp goenka

    Surinder Kaur

    Blue Ridge 
    Public School,
    Hinjawadi, Pune
    "TCC team has been instrumental in their 3 step approach of guiding students and parents. They can address a large audience and deliver quality advise. We have benefited immensely and look forward to continuing this association."

    Alka Pandey

    Bharati Vidyapeeth Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence (BVRTSE)
    “As a school that believes in excellence, our relationship with parents & students improved drastically when the TCC team spent quality time with the management, faculty & students & optimize their goals.”
  • Grace Mathias

    Queen Mary School
    “It was an incredibly rewarding experience for students and teachers working with the TNI Career Counselling (TCC) Team. Their focus on optimising the career process for students has improved higher education admissions outcomes and their confidence in our school. I highly recommend their services.”

    R. Sudarshan

    M.A. (DSE, Delhi), M.Phil. (Oxford)
    Dean, Jindal School of Govt. & Public Policy
    “I am glad that we have this collaboration with TNI Career Counselling. The webinar under the guidance of Dhaval Mehta was very satisfying and a real pleasure. Many schools and students participated and intellectual discussions were a highlight including fantastic moderation by TCC Team. I look forward to participating in more webinars with this capable team.”

Institutions that Trust us

  • cp goenkacp goenkacp goenka
  • shiv nadar university cp goenkacp goenkacp goenka
  • cp goenkacp goenkacp goenkacp goenka
  • cp goenkacp goenkacp goenkacp goenka

Our Engagement

  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence (BVRTSE)

  • cp goenka

    Blue Ridge Public School

  • Fazlani International School

    Fazlani International School

  • cp goenka

    CP Goenka International School, Pune

  • US Ostwal School

    US Ostwal International School

  • cp goenka

    O.P. Jindal Global University

  • cp goenka

    Ashoka University

  • shiv nadar university

    Shiv Nadar University

Build a custom plan or choose from existing ones to enhance your students


Case Study


BVRTSE is a leading Cambridge Pathway school till the 12th Grade in Pune, established under the aegis of Bharati Vidyapeeth. The TCC team is working with the Principal & Management to assess Career Counselling needs and build a Career Resource Center & Process as a custom solution, resulting in an effective roadmap for curriculum/co-curricular planning, teacher training, subject selection, and more.

Problems to be addressed


Actions Taken by TCC

Mass Information
1-1 Individual

Outcomes for Bharati Vidyapeeth Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence (BVRTSE), IGCSE/A- Levels after taking TCC’s Basic Plan


Students mapped their
co-curricular and
extra-curricular activities.


Students got clarity for their subject & curriculum
choices in Grades 9 & 11 


Students wanted to stay
back in the school
for higher grades
All students got a better
understanding of their
interest areas and learnt
how to explore their
career options.

With a 100% student-parent, principal and management satisfaction, BVRTSE signed a long-term annual contract with TCC to set up quarterly meetings with their students for profile building, activities planning, scholarship fund/olympiads, mentor sessions and much more.

Services that We Offer to Schools

Basic Plan

Psychometric Tests

1-1 Individual Counselling

Mass Information

Live Mentor

Starting at
Per Student


*conditions apply

Choose from 4 other packages

Exploration Plan (Grade 11)

Basic Plan +

• Entrance Test Guidance
• Dashboard with Research Access
• Quarterly Live Mentor Session

Comprehensive Support Plan - Standard

Application Support Plan

• Entrance Test Cuidance-5 mock tests/Exam
• Monthly Live Mentor Sessions
• Profile Building Session
• College Application Aid (6 Countries)
• Partnering Enhancements
• Dashboard, Research and Matching

Application Support Plan (Grade 12)

Basic Plan +

• Access to Comprehensive University List
• 1 month Teacher Training
• College Application Aid (4 Countries)
• Dashboard Access

Comprehensive Support Plan - Standard

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