“Mentoring is at the very heart of the work we do. Guiding students is our passion, it’s why we work with each and every student to understand their specific goals. From grade 8 onwards, right up to working professionals, we are able to help people in all stages of life as they pursue their ambitions.”
  • Mentors should have gone through the same grind that mentees foresee in their path.
  • Mentors not only expand the mentees’ horizons, but also provide the necessary courage and guidance to achieve seemingly difficult life goals.
  • Mentors help mentees by connecting them with the right people.

We make smart moves and get results quickly

How Can We Mentor Different Stakeholders

High School Student

High school students lead busy lives with classes, homework, and extracurriculars.

At TCC, we offer personalized guidance to help you plan your future career and find the right institutions. Alongside academic mentoring, we assist students applying to summer pre-college programs, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your educational journey.

College Student

As you near the end of your college journey, questions about your next steps may arise.

Whether you're considering further education in your current field or exploring new passions, our experienced mentors are here to provide guidance and ensure you have the essential information to make informed choices.

Working Professionals

Transitioning careers after years in the workforce can seem daunting.

Whether you're exploring new opportunities or considering postgraduate education, our experts are here to provide guidance. We're here to help you make informed decisions, no matter your circumstances.
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What is your next step ?


Bachelor's degrees provide students with the opportunity to explore a diverse range of subjects, laying the groundwork for informed and holistic thinking.
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Following the completion of a Bachelor's degree, a Master's program enables students to deepen their expertise, refining their knowledge and skills.
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An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a prestigious degree that provides advanced education in various aspects of business and management.
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Meet Our Mentors

Let's familiarise you to our family. Here are a few of our close knit network of 500 professionals with a solid profile
  • Mr. Chip C

    Columbia Business School
    MBA, Finance & Marketing

    Mr. Ruchir S

    Northwestern University
    M.S., Sports Administration
    Vice President of Analytics & BI at 4FRONT

  • Ms. Shruti M

    NWU, Kellogg School
    MBA, Finance
    Founder at Mihuru, Investor, Entrepreneur

    Mr. Vikram C

    London Business School
    MBA, Finance
    Principal at Warburg Pincus

  • Mr. Advait S

    UMich, M.U.D & Harvard University, MDes
    Architect, Urban Designer and Real Estate Professional

    Mr. Robin C

    University of Michigan, B. Arch, M. Arch.
    CEO & Founder - Dextrus

  • Mr. Abhinav K

    University of Illinois, Chicago
    Ph.D. Computer Science
    NLP, ML, Deep Learning

    Ms. Prerna W

    Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

  • Mr. Aditya M

    Alliance Manchester Business School
    Analytics Professional

    Ms. Saloni S

    Rotman School of Management,
    Uni of Toronto, MBA
    Financial Markets

  • Mr. Aditya M

    UoM, Ross School of Business
    MBA, Finance and Strategy

    Ms. Ami Badani

    UofC, Booth School of Business MBA, Finance & Marketing
    VP Marketing, NVIDIA

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