Our 100% success rate stems from the fact that students are well-prepared at every stage.

Applying for undergraduate studies and post-graduate programs requires intense preparation. Guidance by the best experts in the industry can guarantee admissions into the institution of your dreams. All aspects relating to shortlisting universities, essays, standardised testing and interview preparation are taken care of by professionals whose mentoring methods thoroughly cater to the specific needs of every unique student.

Our Superior Application Guidance


TCC will shortlist 10 – 12 schools post receiving qualitative feedback on preferences and measuring them against the right fit of colleges.
Reach, target and safety colleges are selected to make a comprehensive list.

Reviewing Application Requirements

TCC will provide requirements of shortlisted colleges with guidelines, timelines and documents for application. Sample formats including essays and LORs will be provided.

Building your
Personal Story

TCC will help you outline your unique story of achievements and challenges, positioning your strengths and skills to convince the adcom of your capabilities and fit.

Completing Application

Review and complete the entire online application correctly – uploading required documents, test scores, transcripts, LORs, essays and area of study.

Mock Interview Preparation

TCC will provide general guidelines on interview and comprehensive mock preparation to make you sound confident.

Make the Final Choice

On receiving your admits, TCC will review your choices with critical insights that will allow you to pick the right university.

Parent Testimonials

Ekta Sikka

Bachelors Program
USA, Canada, India
India (Mumbai) based

Uma Srinivasan

Masters & MBA
India (Mumbai) based

Sonal Agarwal

Boarding & Summer
School- US, UK
India (Mumbai) based
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