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If you are looking for assistance in trying to figure out the next step in your education, you’ve come to the right place.

We are not affiliated to any school, college or institution. Our approach is, and will always remain, student-centric.

At TCC, we believe, choosing careers for a child is a family decision. And we encourage families to have personalized sessions with us to help them make a customized plan that fits family’s educational and career goals.

Discuss your research with a counselor at TCC, so that we can offer you the guidance you deserve to have a desirable and successful outcome


TNI Career Counselling is a global admissions advisory and test prep venture founded by experienced and passionate advisors with top degrees in their field. We provide career testing, early advising, profile building, test prep coaching and admissions guidance for undergraduate, Masters and MBA programs.

About Us

At TCC, our vision is to provide mentorship to deserving, dedicated students to achieve their goals of a better educational experience. Our involvement in education goes back over seven years. In the year 2012, we established an education company which focused on digital education. Having supported 500 schools across the country, we gradually moved towards an outcome based approach for students heading towards higher education. Given the highly competitive world we are in, we realized how important it is to help bright, motivated students differentiate themselves from the crowd, and craft a clear path. As we worked to support students in this process, we established TNI Career Counselling.

How can we assist you with your Educational and Career Goals?

TNI Career Counselling mentors you through the right fit of career choices and colleges, prepares you for university applications including essays, resume and profile building, and network with alumni and industry leaders to create meaningful impact to your career.

If you are in 9, 10, 11 or 12 start planning your subjects and the admission process to your dream college with us. Build your profile and stand out. Select a summer program or a boarding school to add to your experience.

I’m a Working Professional

As a working professional, making the right choice of career change vs career progression is a big decision that involves many factors. At TCC, we will work with you and create a customized plan to help you take the next step.

 If you are a college student trying to evaluate your career path and study options, reach out to us. We will help you compare the numerous options for graduate study, and help choose the right fit of major, country, university and path for your future growth and success.

Visa Assistance

Regardless of study, work or immigration, if you plan to go abroad, you will likely require a visa from the destination country. TCC can guide you with your application and interviews. We cover a host of countries.



TCC guided me in positioning myself better through personal mentoring and review of the entire application process including essays, resume and the interview process.

Nikoonj D.

Accepted for Masters in Engineering program Stanford University, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkley, UC Davis, Texas Austin

TCC Team helped me structure my successover 6 months with top scores in SAT, TOEFL, SAT2 and admits to Top Universities. I felt confident and prepared.

Saima S.

Bombay Scottish School(ISC) Admitted to BBA at NYU Stern.

Other admits:

George Washington University, University of Toronto, FLAME

TCC meticulously prepared me to take right decisions, motivated me to pace myself and achieve every goal.

Kaustubh G.

B.E. IIT, Mumbai Alumni Accepted for MBA program

(GMAT: 750)

New York University, Cornell University, University of North Carolina


Some of our students admitted to top universities across various countries.

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    5 star review  It has been extremely helpful to have TCC as counselors throughout my child’s admission process for Undergraduate admissions to Canadian Universities. My son Ayush is currently studying at University of British Columbia (UBC) thanks to their guidance and support. They are extremely professional, accessible and trustworthy ! They prepare the child well prior to applying for colleges -and have thorough knowledge of the universities, geographies, understand the child and family’s requirements and fit while shortlisting universities and guiding the child to build their profile and confidence. Aayush has been constantly in touch with TCC even after his admissions to UBC and during his undergraduate studies to understand course work requirements, schedules, work opportunities etc. I also have my younger son in Bombay Scottish School (ISC) being mentored by Dhaval and his team!

    thumb R DAGA

    5 star review  My counseling experience with Mr. Dhaval Mehta and his team have been extremely helpful. The counselling session has been a good value addition both quantitatively and qualitatively. They gave me a definite framework to both think and act along, forming a workable course of action to get the admission process started. One that is aligned with my dream schools, and my interests. By the end of it, I was able to make sense of the chaotic perspectives I had in mind. This stimulating session made me feel I had the answers all along thus eventually makes you feel more empowered than enabled. They helped me to streamline my thoughts, making them targetted and actionable. Mr. Mehta has been quite insightful and intuitive, making astute remarks and observations based on my profile and aptitude tests. Lot of my questions were answered before I could ask, showing their commendable expertise and experience in the field of education consultancy. Overall the session was effective in plugging the gaps in my knowledge base and general awareness regarding studying abroad across different countries, complete with cultural outlook of the region and how it can enable/disable my studies-employment situation. Special thanks to Rahul for referring and being so prompt with all sorts of advice and material to back up my Masters plan.

    thumb geetashree hazarika

    5 star review  I have gained immensely from the advise of Dhaval and his team at TCC. Not only has their advice given me exposure to various career options and internship opportunities, but also Dhaval's mentoring has given me insights on admissions to US universities, GRE test prep and carve out a career niche. I have been able to balance my academics with extracurriculars because of the flexibility TCC works with. I look forward to the application guidance program and using every bit of advise and direction on successfully making it to my dream school.

    thumb Rohan Kalantri