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Using AI to Support counselling

In the career & Higher Education counselling domain, we get to meet bright young minds with countless queries. Most of these queries are around the career path, job markets, and the preparation approach for the higher education application process. The students that we have met particularly meet us after attending a college fair or a webinar regarding studying abroad. They come with a ‘too much on the plate’ kind of situation and we make sure they take back with them a decisive and confident attitude.

Current Trends in Global Higher Education

The pandemic forced the entire world to pause for many months and the first six months were surely confusing yet as compared to 2019-20, the volume of international applicants has increased by about 9% this year. These statistics were released from the Common App for US Universities, as of January 22, 2021. However, the same data also stated that applications in India surged by 28%.


Unique courses to increase sustainability and global welfare

Students must consider several new jobs that helps in sustainable development, writes Dhaval Mehta.


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