College Spotlight Series 2/5: Cornell #10FunFactsAboutCornell!

The biggest ivy in terms of student body with over 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students in attendance.

  1. Cornell was almost located in Syracuse.

Politician Andrew Dickson White lobbied for the university to be built on the hill in Syracuse because it was the city’s transportation hub, but Ezra Cornell had a bad experience in Syracuse – as a teenager he was robbed of his wages. So instead of building the school in Syracuse, depicted above, Ezra chose his hometown of Ithaca, NY.[..] Read more

College Spotlight Series 2/5: Cornell  #QUICKFACTSABOUTCORNELL!!


Did you know the Dalai Lama once cleared his schedule for a day to sit down with Carl Sagan? There are countless cool facts about since the Cornell charter was signed on April 27, 1865. Since October, the Cornell Library has featured the exhibition “150 Ways to Say Cornell,” filled with historical facts and items that highlight key moments in Cornell’s century-and-a-half existence.[..] Read more

College Spotlight Series 3/5: Columbia #The10thingsYoudidn’tknowaboutColumbia!

Columbia University is world-renowned for its accomplished alumni, rich history    and commitment to education and research.

  • The first class of graduates from Columbia was made up of only five students.
  • The State of New York gave Columbia the 14-acre land that became Rockefeller[..] Read more

Why you shouldn’t miss Pre-college Campus Tours?

The best way to determine which college is the right place for you is by visiting the colleges in person.

Get a First-hand View

A campus visit is your opportunity to get a first-hand view of a college. A college catalog, brochure or website can only show you so much. To really get a feel for the college, you need to walk around the quad, sit in on a class and visit the dorms.[..] Read more

College Spotlight Series 1/5: Harvard

Part 1: Everything You Need to Know About Harvard 

Harvard University is, the archetype of a prestigious college. Its name recognition, reputation, and long history make it world-renown, even iconic, in its stature. Even if it’s not actually the very best at everything, it’s still an incredible place to learn and grow with the backing of an exceptional array of resources and opportunities, and many high school students dream of joining its ranks.[..] Read more

College Spotlight Series 1/5: Harvard Part 2: A Day in the Life of a Harvard Student

It’s the oldest college in the United States (founded in 1636) and a tourist destination in its own right; it’s also one of the most prestigious and recognizable institutions of higher education in the entire world.[..] Read more


  • You won’t really know how you feel about a place until you’ve been there. A college catalog, view book, or website can only show you so much.[..] Read more

What Is a Good SAT Score in 2018

The question that TeacherNI hears so frequently is “What is a good SAT score?” Many students are anxious to know how their scores stack up or really want to have a concrete target score in mind when they go into test day. It’s only natural that you’d want to know what score qualifies as a “good” score [..] Read more

Find Out If you SAT Score Is Good Enough For a Particular School

There is a lot of SAT score data available online. Most colleges publish information about the SAT scores of admitted students, so it is easily available to potential applicants like yourself. One simple way to access it is through the College Board Big Future website which allows you to search by school [..] Read more

5    Ways to Learn More About Colleges in the Early Phases

The College Board maintains an extremely comprehensive college planning site called Big Future. It contains search features that allow you to filter by SAT score, GPA, geographic location, and school size among many other choices. This is a great place to get started if you just want to figure out [..] Read more

How To Prepare For Your College Interview

If you’re getting ready to take a standardized test, you probably know that you should study beforehand. Maybe you learn some common test strategies and time management techniques. You might take practice tests and make a study plan. There’s no doubt that preparing for a standardized test before [..] Read more

4 Areas Admissions Committees Focus on While Evaluating Your Candidacy

In general, the admissions committee likes to see three or more years of work experience prior to applying, but the quality of the overall experience matters much more than length. Even within flat organizational structures where you’ve had the same title for years, you can differentiate yourself from [..] Read more

How Our masterpiece look Like?

Nikoonj Dhadharia – Carnegie Mellon University
M.S. in Environmental Engineering
Scholarship Awarded – $15,000
Program – Life Coach and Mentoring
GRE [..] Read more

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