Why PURSUE Master’s Degree?

Pursuing a Master's degree offers a transformative journey that goes beyond academic pursuits, fostering personal and professional growth. In today's competitive job market, it serves as a powerful tool to stand out among candidates with undergraduate degrees, symbolizing dedication and expertise. Beyond credentials, it signifies a commitment to lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity, enhancing critical thinking and adaptability. A master's degree opens doors to diverse career opportunities and fosters intrinsic rewards such as intellectual fulfillment and self-discovery. Ultimately, the decision to pursue a master's degree is driven by individual aspirations for career advancement, intellectual growth, and personal fulfillment, unlocking a world of possibilities for making a meaningful impact.

top Master's Degrees

Masters in Science (MSc), Masters in Finance (MFin), Masters in Management (MiM) are typically 1-2 year degrees that provide specialization in that particular subject area. However, if you are looking for a general management or business specific degree then a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is what you can apply to. Typically MBA requires prior experience of 2 years at a minimum and some top programs require 4-6 years of experience.

MBA vs MIM/MIA/MIF/MIMarketing



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Plan Creation, Academic Advising, Admission Insights, Resume Building & Mocks, Rapport Building & Development

Application Guidance

College shortlisting, Essay Review, Strategy & positioning, Mock interview prep.

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activities outside classroom can help students in building leadership qualities, network, social skills & strong personality.

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Gain professional insights through our Live Webinar!

Gain professional insights through our Live Webinar!

Jaspreet P

London Business School (LBS)

Nishit V

University of Sydney, Sydney
24 Feb, 2024
07:00 PM IST
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Nishit V

MBA degree in Leadership & Enterprise from the University of Sydney Business School.
Associate member of ICAI and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder.
Currently working as a Senior Analyst at Deloitte, Sydney.
Over 5 years of experience working for Axis Bank and Deutsche Bank in India.
“I discovered TCC through a career fair and connected with Dhaval Sir. Despite COVID-related delays, Dhaval sir assisted me in selecting universities and colleges. TCC’s expertise in admission processes and attention to detail stood out. I received admission to 4 out of 5 universities in the US with scholarships worth $66,000 & even a TA ship. Additionally, I secured admission at University of Sydney for their 16 months MBA program that suited me best and has employed me at Deloitte with a package of $AUD 95,000. This is an achievement and Dhaval sir and the TCC team has supported not just mentoring and the application process but also final decision making, visa, other documentation, fee deposit and post admit process. They have kept in touch with me until graduation. This show their constant commitment to their clients.
I recommend their services and personalised approach.”

Jaspreet P

Experienced Relationship Manager in banking.
Expertise in Financial Risk, Banking, Accounting, Credit.
Holds a Postgraduate degree in Finance and Marketing from Auckland University of Technology.
Pursuing an MBA in Sustainability and Strategy at London Business School.

“I connected with Dhaval Sir from TCC, and our first session was highly interactive. Unlike other consultants, he took the time to understand me personally and conducted a thorough profile evaluation. Despite initial unsuccessful attempts at GMAT prep, Dhaval’s support and collaboration with tutors helped me succeed.
I wasn’t confident to apply to top universities but Dhaval sir’s mentorship helped me gain that confidence. I am now completing my MBA at LBS this year and already have offers for $150-200k. Through this journey, I discovered my strengths, weaknesses, and gained confidence in my application process. I’m now pursuing a path I hadn’t initially considered. Thanks to Dhaval Sir and the team for the support. ”

Tahran G

Will be Pursuing Second Masters at USC and PhD at University of South Alabama and East Tennessee State University
Completed Masters of Exercise Science and Physiology from Florida State University and University of Tampa.
"Guided by TCC, I transitioned from completing master's degrees in Exercise Science and Physiology at Florida State University and the University of Tampa to pursuing a second master's at USC, followed by a PhD at either the University of South Alabama or East Tennessee State University. TCC's advisor provided invaluable support, helping me clarify my academic and professional aspirations. I'm grateful for their guidance as I continue to pursue my journeys."
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