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Preparing for a CAS interview involves demonstrating genuine intent and eligibility. Understand visa requirements, review application materials, know your course and institution, discuss academic background and study plans, show financial capability, and stay sincere. Practice common questions, understand visa conditions, stay calm, ask relevant questions, and follow up promptly. The UK's Pre-CAS interview assesses genuine intentions with questions on reasons for choosing the UK, the course, and the university. Success in the interview is crucial for securing admission and obtaining a UK student visa.
Preparing for a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) interview, particularly for immigration purposes, involves demonstrating your genuine intent to study in the country and your eligibility for the program you've applied for. Here's how you can prepare:
Understand the Visa Requirements:
Familiarize yourself with the specific visa requirements for studying in the country where you've applied. Each country may have different rules and regulations regarding student visas.
Review Your Application Materials:
Go through your application materials, including your offer letter from the educational institution, any scholarship documents, financial statements, and other supporting documents you submitted as part of your application.
Know Your Course and Institution:
Be knowledgeable about the course you've applied for and the institution you'll be attending. Understand the curriculum, faculty, facilities, and any other relevant information.
Be Prepared to Discuss Your Academic Background:
Expect questions about your academic history, including your previous education, relevant coursework, and any academic achievements.
Be Ready to Explain Your Study Plan:
Prepare to discuss your study plan in detail, including why you chose the specific course, how it aligns with your career goals, and what you hope to achieve academically.
Demonstrate Financial Capability:
Be prepared to provide evidence of your financial ability to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other associated costs while studying abroad. This may include bank statements, scholarship letters, sponsorship letters, or financial affidavits.
Show Genuine
Be sincere and genuine in your responses during the interview. Immigration officials are looking to ensure that you genuinely intend to study and are not using the student visa as a means to immigrate permanently.
Practice Common Interview Questions:
Anticipate common interview questions related to your academic background, study plans, reasons for choosing the country and institution, and your post-graduation plans. Practice your responses to these questions to ensure clarity and coherence.
Be Familiar with
Visa Conditions:
Understand the conditions of your student visa, including any restrictions on work, travel, or study that may apply. Be prepared to adhere to these conditions and demonstrate your understanding during the interview.
Stay Calm
and Confident:
On the day of the interview, remain calm and composed. Answer questions confidently and honestly, and address any concerns the interviewer may have in a respectful manner.
If given the opportunity, ask any relevant questions you may have about the visa process, student life, or other aspects of studying abroad. This shows your interest and engagement in the process.
Follow Up
if Necessary:
After the interview, follow up with any additional documents or information requested by the immigration authorities promptly to ensure a smooth processing of your visa application.
By thoroughly preparing for your CAS interview and addressing any concerns or questions that may arise, you can increase your chances of a successful outcome and obtain your student visa to pursue your studies abroad.

How to Prepare for CAS Interview

What is a CAS Interview?
To allow students to study in the UK, Universities conduct a PRE CAS Interview after students have made an initial deposit and before issuing the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letters. PRE CAS Interview is like a credibility interview. Successful completion of the interview and submission of all the necessary documents lead to the issuance of the CAS letter. The PRE CAS Interview typically lasts around 30 minutes, also the feedback regarding the interview will be provided within 2 to 3 working days.
The purpose of the Pre-CAS interview is to confirm that a student's intention to study at a UK university is genuine. This interview allows universities to gauge a student's true intentions and assess if the information provided in their Statement of Purpose (SOP) and academic documents is justified. The interview is also an opportunity for the university to determine if the student is genuinely interested in studying at their institution and in the UK. While many UK universities conduct Pre-CAS interviews, some top-ranked institutions, such as those in the Russell Group, may not require them as they generally receive applications from highly qualified candidates.
Moreover, the Pre-CAS interview can help students prepare for their UK visa interviews and increase their chances of visa approval. Students should be aware that their Pre-CAS interview can make or break their chances of admission to their desired university. Therefore, it is essential for students to impress the interviewers and have a successful interview.

Probable questions for a Pre-CAS Interview

  1. Why do you want to visit the UK? 
  2. Why did you choose the UK for higher studies? 
  3. Why did you choose this course? 
  4. Why did you choose this university? 
  5. Have you been to the UK before? 
  6. What are you doing currently? 
  7. Where will you stay in the UK? 
  8. What are your goals for the future? 
  9. Will you be travelling alone to the UK? 
  10. What do your parents do? 
  11. Do you intend to work in the UK? 
  12. Was your UK Student Visa application refused before? 
  13. Who is funding your study and living in the UK? 
  14. Why do you want to study in the UK and not your home country? 
  15. Why are you starting your studies again now after such a long break?

Tips on how to have a Successful Interview

  1. Give precise and detailed answers to explain yourself accurately. 
  2. Demonstrate you have done sufficient research by avoiding using generic answers. 
  3. Pay special attention to key points highlighted in your essays (these key points represent your application and can serve as valuable talking points during the interview)
  4. Demonstrate your involvement in extracurricular activities and notable achievements (discussing these aspects in detail demonstrates self-awareness and passion for your pursuits) 
  5. Your answers must be supported with facts and figures (discussing these aspects resonates with your awareness and clarity and provides a clear understanding of you) 
  6. Try to answer all questions honestly and clearly. 
  7. Technical issues are to be reported before leaving the interview. 
  8. Ensure all answers are in English. 
  9. Ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you do not understand the question.

Importance of a Good Interview

A successful Pre-CAS Interview can either make or break their chances of getting admission to a university in the UK. In other words, a successful Pre-CAS Interview means a successful admission. If a Pre-CAS Interview is unsuccessful, a student can be denied CAS regardless of the stipulated deposit. Thus, the student could not proceed with their UK Student Visa. Fortunately, if the stipulated deposit has been paid and the student’s interview is unsuccessful, the university will refund the deposit and withdraw the offer.
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UK Student Visa Financial Requirement

Important to show the visa office that you have kept first year tuition and living expenses in a fixed deposit for 27 days. 
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