COVID-19 and USA Schools: What they are saying

The top schools across the USA have reached out to current and prospective students, assuring them to stay safe, not to panic and fight this crisis together.

President Lawrence S. Bacow, Harvard University

Harvard University President Lawrence S. Bacow speaks to the Harvard community about the University's coronavirus response.

President Andy Hamilton, New York University

Faculty have responded with innovative remote classes, students move their activities online, administrators and staff keep our operations going.

President Thomas F. Rosenbaum, California Institute of Technology

This is not the first time people have faced such [COVID-19] situations. In 1665 when Bubonic plague was moving through Europe, Isaac Newton was forced off the Cambridge University campus. He went home and worked there to develop the underpinnings of the theory of gravity and calculus.

Dr. Robert Ernst, UMich

UHS's Executive Director, Dr. Robert Ernst discusses why its important to reduce societal density in places like college campuses, and shares his strategies for students to stay safe and healthy during the current #COVID19 pandemic.

Yale University

Seven experts from Yale and New Haven will provide the latest information about the coronavirus pandemic and answer questions from members of the public at a “virtual town hall” convened by the Yale School of Public Health. Epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves of the School of Public Health will moderate the event, which will feature Sten Vermund and Ann Kurth, deans of Yale’s Schools of Public Health and Nursing, respectively; Yale professors Ellen Foxman and Rajita Sinha of the School of Medicine and Amy Kapczynski of the Law School; Paul Genecin, CEO of Yale Health; and Mehul Dalal, community services director, City of New Haven.

Dr. John Swartzberg, MD, Emeritus Professor of Public Health at UC Berkeley

Professor discusses the important things for students to know about the new Coronavirus.

Provost Ka Yee C. Lee, UChicago

A message from Provost Ka Yee C. Lee to the UChicago community marking the start of the Spring Quarter.

President Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Stanford University

President addresses the Stanford community in light of the rapidly evolving situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins launched its newest COVID-19 U.S. map as a resource for media, policymakers and communities to view a collection of critical public health data in one online destination and better understand and track the COVID-19 pandemic in populations both large and small across the country.

Dartmouth University

Faculty members (with a couple of guest stars) share words of wisdom and encouragement with the Dartmouth community on the first day of the spring term.

President Munson and Provost Granberg, Rochester Institute of Technology

While we may not have all the answers, we have resolve. We have made it our mission to confront, address and mitigate issues as they arise in this most fluid of situations. In the online mode of teaching for the current semester, students have option to chose pass/fail grading to minimize the potential impact on GPA.

Chancellor Woodson, North Carolina State University

Alumni and friends have donated over $800,000 to help those students most negatively affected by COVID-19. We are providing a variety of resources and tools, such as yoga and fitness classes, to ensure our community’s continued success.

President Carol L. Folt, University of Southern California

These circumstances will constrain us for a while but I see you already rising to the challenge and finding new and creative ways to live full lives and to get things done.

President Joyce McConnell, Colorado State University

To practice social distancing, CSU move all their operations online including research, teaching and learning.
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