When your time in college wraps up, and you begin to wonder what the next step will be, you may have many questions. If you are going back to school for another degree, will you remain in your current area of focus? Or will you choose a brand new field of study as a new passion? Our qualified mentors will help you wade through all the questions and make sure you end up with all the right information as you make your choices.


Completely develop a quarterly plan for activities relating to Academic performance, Extra-curricular Activities, Admission Requirements for potential Colleges for Summer programs and/or Undergrad and/or Post-Grad, Mind and Interest Broadening Activities, and Skill & Relationship building – with faculty, family, friends, others.


We offer personalised insight into choosing the right classes, setting and meeting academic goals, as well as guidance for students choosing and then preparing for examinations, to help them build a standardized test portfolio, as applicable.

Extra-Curricular Advising

Help students identify best position for impressive activities, showing strong leadership abilities, and build a streamlined profile. Choosing and implementing effective extra-curricular activities like sports, dance/drama, music, visual arts, writing and community service, to ensure a well-rounded student and applicant.


Admissions curriculum and insights, powered by numerous students we’ve worked with. Students have access to all our resources and extra reading material to get ahead of the crowd. Newsletters with selective information will be sent to students and discussed in the session.

Mind & Interest Broadening

Identifying a student’s interests and fundamentally developing them through consistent sharing of intriguing literature, is a vital part of preparing for the future Readings from Harvard Review, Economist, AAA Science Magazine and selective videos from National Geographic, Discovery and BBC will be shared with students.

Rapport Building & Development

We work with our students on refining and strengthening their social skills to build excellent relationships with teachers, counselors, and external figures. Our students gain deep familiarity with the core elements of relationship building and how to stand out within a community.
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