Dhaval Mehta

CEO & Founder
Pearson, Columbia University & UCLA ext Certified Counselor
Executive Program in Management from Cornell University
Expert Career Coach (17+ yrs experience)
NACAC Member,
Pearson Certified Career Counsellor
Certificate in College Advising,
Columbia University (Teachers College)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Columbia University Graduate
Executive MBA From Cornell University (The Johnson School)
President of UMIAA

Chirag Bhatt

Director and Mentor
IIT Chicago (UG)
Stanford University (PG)
CTO, Flock - Bay Area, CA
Ex VMWare
Technology Expert

Kevin Zanjani

Director and Mentor
University of Michigan (UG)
UC Irvine (PG)
Marshall School of Business (MBA)
12+ years of experience
National Sales/Marketing Manager - Bioenno Power, CA
Rashmi Toppo
Senior Executive HR & Admin Coordinator
Vinay Sharma
Assistant Sales & Business Development Manager
Sangamba Bariam
Student Advisor and Application Specialist
Mary Singh
Manager - UG Admissions & Educational Partnerships
Sonnunsiam Tombing
Sr. Student Advisor & Application Specialist
Prasad Sapkal
Senior Graphic / UI Designer
Varun Shastri
Executive - Admin & HR
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