5 Top Scholarships in Japan for Indian Students and More

June 27, 2023

1.MEXT Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee, accommodation, and allowances
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD
  • Grade Requirement– Minimum 65% in High School
  • Japanese Proficiency– Not Required

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan administers the MEXT scholarship, which is a fully financed scholarship in Japan. This yearly financial grant is intended to assist overseas students who are having trouble meeting the costs of their chosen programme. It is accessible to any Japanese university’s undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in advancing their studies.

Proficiency in the English language up to B2 level under the Common European Framework of Reference(CEFR). Knowledge of the Japanese language is a plus point. The minimum marks required in 11th and 12th is 65% for undergraduate students. For graduate students, they need to have a minimum GPA of 2.3 out of 3 in their degree. The selected candidates must be willing to learn Japanese as they are enrolled in a preparatory educational institution for one year for a course on Japanese alongside the subjects of their choice.

2.The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program

  • Scholarship Amount: Coverage of Full Tuition Fee, Monthly Stipend
  • Eligible Degree: Master’s, PhD.
  • Grade Requirement:2.30 GPA out of 3.00
  • Japanese Proficiency: Not Required

The goal of the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Programme (ADB-JSP) is to give highly qualified residents of ADB’s developing member countries the chance to pursue postgraduate studies in economics, management, science, and technology, as well as other development-related fields, at participating academic institutions in the Asian and Pacific Region.Scholars are expected to aid in the social and economic advancement of their native nations after completing their study programmes.

The complete cost of tuition, a monthly subsistence and housing allowance, a stipend for books and school supplies, health insurance, and travel expenses are all covered by the ADB-JSP.

The scholarship is for one year, with the option of continuing into the second year of study if necessary. This is contingent upon the scholar continuing to perform at a level that the institute deems satisfactory.

3. KUAS Undergrad Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Partial and Full Tuition Fee Exemption,
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s
  • Grade Requirement: 80%-100% in High School
  • Japanese Proficiency: Not Required

For its undergraduate students, the Kyoto University of Advanced Science provides institution-based scholarship programmes. The university offers KUAS-E and Super KUAS-E scholarship, which are the two primary categories of scholarship programmes.

According to their academic achievements, recipients of the former earn admission and tuition cost discounts of 100%, 50%, or 30%. To qualify for KUAS-E Scholarship, candidates need to have a score of above 80% in their high school.

To qualify for the Super KUAS-E Scholarships, candidates need to have to a score of 90% in their highschool.Those who receive Super KUAS-E scholarship won’t have to pay tuition or entry fees. The students also receive $110,000 year for maintenance.These scholarships are only applicable for students who are planning to pursue engineering.

All the courses are taught in English. Therefore, no prior knowledge of Japanese is required to apply.

4. Yokohama National University Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee exemption
  • Eligible Degree: Master, and PhD
  • Grade Requirement: 2.30 GPA out of 3.00
  • Japanese Proficiency: Not Required

International students are supported by the Yokohama National University Scholarship programme. It is determined by academic ability, individual success, and leadership potential. It is given to students who have shown that they have the potential to succeed in their academic studies.

The Duration of the Master Scholarship is 2 Years whereas Scholarship is 3 Years. Knowledge of the Japanese language, even IELTS/TOEFL is not mandatory. Those students whose language institute was in English can submit English Proficiency Certificate from their university. For Master Scholarships, students are required to have a Four Year Bachelor’s Degree.

For both Masters and PhD scholarships, candidates must have an outstanding academic record. In GPA terms, it should be 2.30 out of 3. Even if the score is less than 2.30, it should be atleast above 2 out of 3.

5.Hokkaido University President’s Fellowship

Scholarship Amount: Full tuition and a monthly stipend

Eligible Degree: Master’s and PhD

Grade Requirement: 2.30 GPA out of 3.00

Japanese Proficiency: Not Required

The Hokkaido University President’s Fellowship is open to prospective overseas students who wish to pursue master’s, professional, or doctorate degrees and who intend to register in October 2023. Candidates must have a significant interest in Hokkaido University and Japanese culture in addition to having a high academic record.) Candidates need to have a 2.30 GPA out of 3. This GPA must also be in the top 25% of the student’s batch.

The universities where the applicants are now enrolled or have previously attended must have signed both a Memorandum of Understanding on Student Exchange with Hokkaido University and an Inter-University Exchange Agreement. Numerous Indian universities, including the IITs, Symbiosis International University, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, and Delhi University, participate in exchange programmes with Hokkaido.

Other Options

There are many other scholarships in Japan for Indian students. Other prominent scholarships include Sato Yo International Scholarship for undergraduate and post-graduate students, J.T. Asia Scholarship ,T. Banaji Indian Students Scholarship for post-graduate students.

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