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TCC is a leading admissions counseling service specializing in undergraduate and Postgraduate admissions. Our students consistently achieve remarkable success as we pair students with top Japanese university graduate experts for personalized 1:1 guidance throughout the application process.
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Discovering Japan With TCC

Konichiwa Pune 2024

25th & 26th Nov 2023

During the Konnichiwa Pune event, our team had an eventful two days. On the first day, Mr. [Sir's Name] was warmly welcomed on stage alongside prominent figures from various companies. Later, he was honored with a special invitation to participate in a traditional tea ceremony. Meanwhile, Armaan and I managed the stalls, engaging attendees, and addressing their inquiries about our services.

The second day saw Purchiba and Armaan taking the lead at the stalls, effectively presenting our offerings and assisting attendees with their questions. As the event concluded, our efforts were recognized, and Purchiba had the honor of representing us on stage to accept the prestigious award.

India Japan Education Conference

24th Nov 2023

Join Mr. Dhaval Mehta, Founder Director of Globestar Edutech Pvt Ltd, live at the Indo-Japan Education Conference hosted at MIT Pune. Delve into the discourse on 'India-Japan Synergies in Education, Culture, and Work.' Gain insights from his expertise and experience in exploring collaborative opportunities between these two nations in the realms of education, cultural exchange, and workforce dynamics.

Japan University Exploraton Tour

28th Sept 2023

Mr. Dhaval Mehta, the Founder of Globestar Edutech Pvt Ltd, embarked on a captivating journey known as the 'Japan University Exploration Tour.' His purpose was to explore prestigious Japanese universities, engage with academic institutions, faculty, and students to understand their welcoming atmosphere for international students. The tour featured visits to renowned institutions such as the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Kyoto University of Advanced Science, showcasing Japan's tradition of academic excellence. Mr. Mehta's insightful interviews and observations provided valuable insights into international education and global career opportunities, strengthening connections with these esteemed Japanese universities.

University Visits


• Multiple interdisciplinary fields offered across Universities all over Japan.

• From what was seen and observed - Universities like Kyoto University, Osaka University, Waseda University, Tohoku University offer English-Taught courses for International students

• World class research facilities for real world applications. And the time span from the start of the research to its completion is what makes Japan standout.

• Most public & private universities offer FREE Japanese lessons for the first two years.

• Cost of tuition fees of both public and private universities are very much the same to that of other countries like U.K, Australia, U.S.A etc. which comes to about $5000-$10,000 annually.

• Residing in major cities can be expensive and vegetarian food inside college campuses can be difficult to find. But one can always look into living away from the city center and Japan is also one of the safest counties statistically.

Popular Japan Scholarships
for Indian Students 2023

Japanese Scholarships by Local Governments & Local International Associations
International students who come and study in Japan’s local district’s schools and universities are also offered certain scholarships. The following scholarships that can be availed while studying in Japanese universities:
Students must ensure that the above-given scholarships they are applying to fits their eligibility criteria and are applicable to their country of origin. Only designated country students are eligible for these scholarships plus there may be an age limit also, thus, please check before proceeding for admission and scholarship application


There are scholarships to study in Japan offered by Japanese or other private foundations which offer funding to international students. There may be certain criteria which must be fulfilled in order to qualify for any of the following privately funded scholarships in Japan:
  • -  The Asian Foundation for International Scholarship Interchange
    - Iwaki Scholarship Foundation
    - The Iwatani International Scholarships
    - Inner Trip Foundation
    - The Iwatani Naoji Foundation
    - The Emori Asian Student Scholarship Foundation
    - LSH Asia Scholarship Foundation
    - Kashiyama Scholarship Foundation
    - Kato Asao International Scholarship Foundation
    - Kawanishi Memorial Shinmaywa Education Foundation
    - The Kambayashi Scholarship Foundation
    - Kyoritsu Foundation Scholarship
    - JEES
  • - Kohnan Asia Scholarship Foundation
    - Rokko Scholarship Fund
    - Kobayashi Foundation - General Scholarship & Special Research Fellowship
    - Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation
    - Shiiki Masakazu Memorial Scholarship for Asian Student
    - Shunju Scholarship Foundation
    - One Seed Scholarship
    - Senshu Scholarship Foundation
    - Takayama International Education Foundation (TIEF)
    - Takizaki Memorial Trust
    - East Asian Circle of Applied Technology (EACAT)
    - Tokio Marine Kagami Memorial Foundation
    - Nagashima Bunka Zaidan
  • - DOCOMO International Student Scholarship (JEES Sponsor-Crowned Scholarship)
    - Seiho Scholarship (JEES Sponsor-Crowned Scholarship)
    - T.Banaji Indian Students Scholarship (JEES Sponsor-Crowned Scholarship)
    - Hashimoto Yasuhiko Asia Africa Ryugakusei Shogakukikin
    - Hirose International Scholarship Foundation
    - Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation
    - Moriya Scholarship
    - Yamaoka Scholarship Foundation
    - Watanuki International Scholarship Foundation
    - JT Asia Scholarship
    - The Prefectural University of Kumamoto International Postgraduate - Scholarship for Research on Mercury


• Mext Scholarships, Research and University Applications
• Japanese Culture, Language and Career Support
• Visa Requirements and Work Opportunities
• English Taught Programs at Japanese Universities
• Japanese University Alumni and Representative Interactions
• With Indian Students, Parents , Schools and Colleges
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In conversation with

kiyoshi Takeda

Faculty & Researcher
for maths at Kyoto University of Advanced Science


An Indian student from Madurai who is persuing his second year of engineering at Kyoto University of Advanced Science.

Kazuhiko Yamada,

UG student (in left) studying humanities at Kyushu University from Whales, UK

Adil Padiyal

Current a research student in electronics and electrical systems at Tokyo University.


Faculty & Researcher
for maths at Kyushu University from Whales, UK

Ravi Nandan

Scientist, National Institute of Material Science

Uppasana Jhariya

Persuing PhD in Environmental Engg. specialising in Biology & Material science at Tohoku University (MEXT Scholar)

Roma Kandpal

At Kyoto University, Engineering Campus.
She is currently pursuing her PhD in transport and governance.

Abhinav Senthil

Pursuing his 4th year (Senior) bachelors in chemical engineering, at Nagoya University
(Alumnus of Bangalore International School)


Persuing PhD in Environmental Engg. specialising in Biology & Material science at Tohoku University (MEXT Scholar)


At Kyoto University, Engineering Campus.
She is currently pursuing her PhD in transport and governance.


PhD student in
chemistry at Tokyo University from
University of California,
Los Angeles (UCLA)

Ririko Teramae

Student from
Kyoto Arts University


UG exchange student from Bocconi University pursuing Finance, Law & Japanese studies at Waseda University

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