UG Perspective Series- Standardized Tests

October 16, 2021

I remember when I was a kid and was ranting about my upcoming tests, my mother said, ‘There is no one who never gave any kind of test. To succeed in something, you need to take a test.’ Whatever may be the format and whatever may be the outcomes, tests are important to get the best out of you. They are an assured way of achieving what we want. We study day and night; we prepare for tests and after getting the desired results, all our efforts seem to be worthy.

The USA has its own set of tests that are needed at the UG level. Let’s get an idea of what the required tests are at the UG level.

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT):SAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board and is required to be taken by students at the undergraduate level. SAT test is generated to evaluate the verbal, written, and mathematical skills of the candidates. If the student is looking to get an admission in a specific course then they can take the SAT Subject Test to display their knowledge in that course. Applicants wanting to pursue an undergraduate degree in the USA and Canada have to take the SAT. SAT is also accepted in the United Kingdom and Australia. There are two versions of SAT; SAT 1 is a general test whereas SAT 2 is a more subject-based test. SAT is usually 3 hours long without an essay; if essays are included then it is 3 hours 50 minutes long. Each section of the SAT Exam Evidence-Based reading and writing and math are scored on a 200-800 point scale. If you take the SAT with an essay then you will get a different score for that. The test is conducted in the months of March, May, August, October, and December.

American College Testing (ACT): The ACT Exam is developed to evaluate the written, verbal, mathematical, and scientific skills of the applicant. ACT is required for universities in the USA and Canada. The ACT exam pattern has four sections, namely, English, Math, Reading, and Science. There is an optional section which is called the Writing section, which has one 30-40 minute writing prompt that will define an issue. Students are not scored on this section.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): TOEFL exam is one of the most popular English proficiency exams accepted at American and Canadian universities and education institutions abroad. It tests students’ understanding and usage of English. TOEFL is administered by ETS (Educational Testing Services). Because of the pandemic, TOEFL can now be given from home. ETS also announced that they will be accepting the Adhar Card of Indian students as an ID, for those who don’t have passports. There are two versions of TOEFL, TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test) and TOEFL paper-delivered Test, TOEFL Internet-based Test is the most preferred one because of the convenience and ease. ETS also shortened the duration of TOEFL by 30 minutes, before it was for 3 hours 30 minutes and now it is for 3 hours. The score range for Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing is 0-30 point scale.

As the world fights a failing battle against the coronavirus pandemic, Universities in the US have called off their SAT/ACT eligibility criteria and gone test-optional. While most bachelor programs in the US require students to appear for their SAT or ACT, however this time around given the current situation, US Universities are going test-optional for the academic year starting 2021.

We at TCC believe in result-oriented learning. We mentor students and prepare them for all the tests required. Come, talk to us and let us help you to get the best results.

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