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September 7, 2021

USA is one such country that always fascinates us, may be that is because of what we hear about it from other people or maybe the Hollywood influence, whatever it is, the culture, the vibrant colors, the various options available in education, the food, the eye-pleasing locations and destinations, the lavish campus life – simply the vibe, all attracts us. USA offers much more than what you see or read on the internet. So if studying in USA is your dream and you aspire to experience a life there, we understand you!

We at TCC believe in planning and strategizing everything and that starts with you having an understanding of what you want and how you can find your dream university and course. The US offers all kinds of universities and sustainable courses that will give you a solid future. Searching and finding your ideal university is an elaborative process, but if you have all your requirements on your plate and if you have your head cleared, this might get easy for you. Let us help you analyze and strategize accordingly.

1. Understand Yourself:Human is such a complex creature, to understand someone requires lots of time, sometimes even lifetime, but thanks to the universe we are capable of understanding ourselves, we know our wishes, our dreams, and our aspirations. The first step for finding your ideal match is to understand yourself – your passion, skills, and interests, understanding why exactly you want that specific area of study or that specific environment.

2. Shortlisting your Universities: Next important step is to shortlist your universities based on your research. Shortlisting the universities is highly dependent on the what’s and how’s. What do you want from the campus, faculty, career cells, and peer? Many universities might have the same courses that provide the same career options and opportunities in the future, how do you deal with this situation? You can reach out to your seniors already at universities there or come to us so that our top certified counselors with a passion to help you reach your goals can evaluate your preferences, and also help you to get in touch with the students that are already there.

3. Course Study: For an undergraduate, it is extremely important to choose an area where you see yourself growing in the next five or seven years. Not just a wrong course but the wrong content of any specific course can disappoint you and affect your entire college life and career. So, once your course is figured, a brief study of course content is advisable. This course will be the foundation of your solid career ahead so note down courses in your interested area so that you can shortlist your final area.

4. Location of the University:Not just country, city and state should also suit you and should embrace you. The city has its own soul, its own culture, environment, climate, geography, history and many more; all these aspects should suit you and your nature. While selecting the location of your university, it is important you should see the opportunities that the area has like for example the amazon headquarters is in Seattle, Washington so for the students living in an area close by, this could be a great opportunity.

5. Financial Aspects:A research of fee structure and other expenses can help you to narrow down your options. If you find out that some of the US universities you are interested in may be too expensive for you, that doesn’t mean it is not for you. Most US universities offer financial aid packages that you could access. Also, many scholarships and part–time job options can help you to manage your studies and your loan.

6. Accommodation Details: Leaving your country, your home behind can get scary, and if the accommodation is not how you want it, homesickness can get your head occupied. Hence, it is always advisable to get complete knowledge on how the specific university is with accommodation? Is it inside the campus, or is it outside, all such details are important to select your university.

7. Be Informative: To excel and be ahead of the curve, you need to be always updated about recent activities. Various university fairs might take place online or close to where you live, be informative and try to attend those. In these hard times, many webinars have replaced university fairs and that is actually more accessible for all. Even virtual university tours and online sessions can help you to understand your university. And of course, you could reach sign up for our newsletter or reach out to one of our counselors to help you with all the required information.

8. Covid Update:We can’t ignore the fact that we don’t live in the same free-willed world anymore, we have restrictions and rules to follow. While selecting a city or state, you have to check it for covid updates like the number of active covid patients in the specific area, vaccination status, quarantine facilities provided by that specific university, and other medical facilities.

We at TNI Career Counselling have witnessed all stories with happy endings, with 1000+ students reaching their destination, many their dream university. One of our students recently, Aditya Jain is at the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne – his dream university for Mathematics after excelling in all his competitive exams and Olympiads and our full-time support and guidance over 4 years.

When we try to find something with all our hearts, we always reach our perfect destination. You will reach your dream university; all you need is quality research, planning, and preparations.

For starting your dream career contact us on 7666712345 or drop us an email on connect@teacherni.com

-Dhaval Mehta, Founder & CEO, TNI Career Counselling

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