Why MBA?

October 12, 2021

In today’s changing world, many new career options are available for everyone to explore, options that can be a combination of your passion and assurance of a solid future. While selecting a course, you try to understand your passions, your requirements and after a lot of permutations and combinations in your head, you reach one course that can be your perfect match, but if want to add an understanding of business or management which will lead you taking up a leadership role in the future, then the answer is clear, apply for an MBA. There may be many reasons why an MBA could become your one-stop destination. Let’s discuss some of them.

1. Career Opportunities: The MBA Program provides a wider field for graduates to expand and explore. Many core areas are covered within MBA like Human Resources, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Data Analytics, and Technology, etc. With the different core areas covered, MBA graduates are provided with a number of better opportunities to expand themselves and develop their minds.

2. Salary Quotient: We have always witnessed MBA graduates getting highly compensated for the service they provide to a specific organization. Whether the graduate has been employed within the private or public sector the salary ranges from $90.000 to $160,000 abroad and Rs. 10-50L in India.

3. Flexibility: For the students who are earning and want to keep their jobs while they learn, MBA provides that flexibility. MBA provides online courses, part-time courses, and even full-time courses that give students the flexibility to choose from these options and work hassle-free. Though full-time programs see the most amount of enrollments.

4. Entrepreneurship: With getting an MBA, many applicants develop their own business supported by initial funding from their school or an incubator. By enrolling in MBA, applicants gain all the required knowledge and business tactics that can make them successful entrepreneurs.

5.  Network: For any successful career you need a network that can help you to explore. During MBA applicants will meet many like-minded people like established businessmen, managers, recruiters, speakers, new entrepreneurs, and not to forget all the fellow students who will have a promising business career in the future. MBA students often join companies as interns, this provides MBA students with yet another way to meet potential employers.

6. Communication Skills: Great businesses like apple, zomato, Amazon has added convenience and connected the world, which is evidence of how good communication skills can win over everything. The MBA course can teach you how to speak clearly and distinctly. Adding meaning to your words, adding required expressions to your words, developing effective presentations basically every technique that will help you to improve your art of language is taught during the program.

7. Credibility: MBA provides the required credibility and skills set to the candidate. Other companies and individuals conducting business with an MBA graduate will be more relaxed about the expertise and more inclined to trust them, in comparison to working with someone without one.

8. Knowledge and Perception: To excel in any field, you need to have enough knowledge that will build your strong profile. Many MBA graduates have found that this postgraduate degree has thoroughly enlightened them on certain aspects of life, including operations, finance, accounting, management, and the functioning of the business world. While those without an MBA could potentially ponder endlessly and wonder how and why a particular business decision is made, you will know it for sure.

9. Recognition: MBA is one of the most highly recognized degrees across the globe. It also can be used to pursue other career fields since it is highly compatible with other degree programs. Some MBA programs are dual degrees and allow you to specialize in a master’s area as well.

10.           Personal Growth: Throughout the entire course, the candidate’s personality improvises like the execution of a business idea. The candidate gets a new vision towards life as well as gains a great understanding of the business world in a collaborative learning environment, which enhances their personality and helps them to grow individually.

MBA is rewarded and recognized equally across the globe, if you dream to pursue an MBA, let us help you and make you understand every minute detail of which program to choose, country, university, and the application process. TCC believes in making future leaders but that starts with career mapping, profile building, and gaining insight into options that meet all your goals and push you to achieve them.

To find your MBA fit and launch your dream career contact us on 7666712345 or drop us an email at connect@teacherni.com

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